Should he get his money? Did he earn it? Or, are the Yankees right not to pay him?

Alex Rodriguez is now tied with Willie Mays on the all-time home runs list with 660 which was supposed to trigger a $6 million bonus, per the contract he signed with the Yankees.

But, Brian Cashman, New York's general manager, says they're not going to fork over the money (or, at least not willingly) primarily because the Yankees organization can't capitalize on the milestone. They won't be selling any A-Rod 660 t-shirts, hats or other memorabilia to commemorate the achievement because Rodriguez's PED use has tainted the feat, and basically no one cares that he continues his climb in baseball's record books.

You can expect this will be decided in court.

Apparently, this is the whole idea behind this type of an incentive. A player accomplishes something, fans want to buy specialty tchotchkes to mark the occasion. The team makes more money, the players gets a piece of that financial pie.

So, does the fact that the Steinbrenner's can't charge you $30 for an A-Rod achievement t-shirt/hat/jersey/ball/plastic souvenir cup mean they shouldn't have to pay? Or, is this karma? - you cheated, baseball hates you and you don't get your money...jerk.


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