Has congressional candidate Claudia Tenney crossed a line with a recent television commercial, painting Congressman Anthony Brindisi and anti-police?

The commercial claims that Brindisi is anti police and has opted for legislation to defund local police departments. Brindisi says that's not true. Adding additional tension is the latest Tenney commercial that claims Brindisi marched with "cop haters" during a recent rally in Utica. The rally that is referenced was actually a peaceful demonstration without violence that was attended by local officials including Brindisi, and Utica Police Chief Mark Williams.

I'm Claudia Tenney, and I approve this message. Anthony, Brenda C. In his own words, I a to this point, do not support impeachment. Then he did apprentice. He lied. I'm not gonna vote to defund the police. He turned his back on the blue marching with cop haters and voted with Pelosi to defund our local law enforcement. I'm not gonna break a campaign promise. What a fraud. You can't spell Brindisi without BS. -Tenney ad.

Utica Common Council member Delvin Moody over the weekend called on Tenney to apologize to the community for calling demonstrators "cop haters" and implying their demonstration was violent and anti-police. "Today, I stand with community leaders in calling for Tenney to apologize for her labeling of black leaders and community activists as Cop Haters, in a social media post.  "In this day and age, we need unity and not rhetoric that only divide us. Justice & Equity are not hate."

WIBX will debate the issue on Monday morning during First News with Keeler from 6-9 a.m..

Watch the Tenney TV commercial here.

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