A New Hartford dog owner and her family are trying to save the life of their dog after it bit a member of their family.

Natalie Beratta is the owner of "Jack," a seven-year old sheltie whom she admits is "nippy."  During a visit, Jack bit Beratta's granddaughter.  The toddler was with Jack walking from one room in the house to another and, no one knows exactly what happened, but the little girl was bitten in the face.  Her mom called 911 and the toddler was taken to the hospital.

The toddler is recovering but, because 911 was called, the dog was ordered to be  surrendered and euthanized.  Beratta brought the dog to the county and now the dog is scheduled to be put down on Saturday, April 6, 2013.  As of now it appears that Jack will be put down in accordance with the law which demands that domestic animals deemed "dangerous" be euthanized.

Beratta says they can appeal the court's decision, but it will cost forty dollars a day to keep the dog at the Stevens-Swan Humane Society.  The appeal could take up to sixty days.

Upon hearing the news the family from whom Beratta originally got Jack seven years ago says they will take the dog back.  They do not have children and can provide the dog with a loving home without worry of anyone being bitten.  Beratta and her family, including her daughter - the mother of the toddler who was bitten - are pleading with the County to save the dog, whom they insist is not a vicious animal and deserves to live.

They are appealing the judge's decision and will know today whether the dog can be temporarily housed elsewhere while an appeal is pursued.  We will update this story as it develops. In the meantime a Facebook page has been set up to "Help Save Jack," with information on those who wish to lend their support.  Critics say the law is the law and the dog should be put down if for no other reason that to prevent another child from being bitten.

Photo Courtesy: Natalie Beratta
Photo Courtesy: Natalie Beratta





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