Paula Bojinoff was arrested earlier this week for alleged criminal possession and criminal sale of a controlled substance. The Ace of Diamonds in Oneida owner joined us this morning on 'First News with Keeler in the Morning' to share her side of the story.

The charges stem from a lengthy investigation by the Oneida Police Department and Madison County Sheriff's Office into Bojinoff. Police accuse her of selling the drug Fentanyl out of her store. She claims to have proof that she is being targeted. The truth, according to Bojinoff, is that she has been prescribed the fentanyl due to her extensive medical problems for pain management. Bojinoff claims she complies with regular checks with her doctor as regulated by New York State to make sure she's following the regulations of her prescription. She has submitted all sorts of drug tests including saliva, urine, and hair follicle.

At the beginning of our interview Bojinoff stated, "The court deemed in proper to let me go on ROR (Release on own Recognizance), in other words I didn't have to pay any bail. I was back at work before the Oneida Dispatch had the story on the internet." Bojinoff has submitted documents to WIBX to indicate her legal right to possess and use the prescribed drug.

Rite Aid Prescription provided with permission by Paula Bojinoff
Rite Aid Prescription provided with permission by Paula Bojinoff
Paula Bojinoff

The above photos show Bojinoff's prescriptions from Rite Aid pharmacy. It indicates the prescription for, doses, and instructions for the Fentanyl patches. Bojinoff ran down a long list of ailments she suffers from that requires the need for the drug. "I just had a double hip-replacement, I have Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, and severe Crohn's disease."

Bojinoff made a number of other claims during the course of our conversation. You can hear the full interview below. WIBX has reached out to the Oneida Police Department for comment and is awaiting a response. We will continue to update you as more details are released.

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