It was a full-hour of debate between parents, teachers and education experts on the topic of 'Common Core' in schools on Wednesday during First News with Keeler in the Morning on WIBX.

Each of the Education experts shared the same message of how important the new Common Core standard is for education in New York.

There was also a general agreement that the new standards could have been 'rolled out' in a more effective manner which would have better prepared teachers, parents and students.

The experts also warned that there are many misconceptions that are causing a great deal of panic and that 'Common Core' and testing are two very different things.

Three experts were on hand to answer questions:

  • Superintendent of Central Valley Central, Cosimo Tangora
  • President of Statewide School Finance Consortium Rick Timbs
  • Deputy Commissioner of Education, Ken Flentz

Dr. Rick Timbs discussed the problem of funding when a caller claimed that schools have too much money. Timbs referred to the nearly $1.7 (b) billion in funding that's been withheld by the state that could be used to train teachers on how to implement the Common Core and give students the tools they need to succeed. He also referenced the many schools in New York that are on the brink of financial collapse because of reduced aid and unfunded mandates.

The Deputy Commissioner also urged parents and teachers to visit the Engage New York website which has tools and videos to assist in understanding Common Core and how best to successfully implement the standards in and out of the classroom.

Below, the hour of debate is split into audio four segments.

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