Monday, August 22nd, 2016

6 AM Hour

Ryan Lochte sat down with Matt Lauer of NBC to come clean on his Rio robbery story. At times it seemed Lochte didn't fully grasp what he did was wrong, saying he 'over exaggerated' his story. Ultimately, with Lauer's help, Lochte did apologize. Here is a clip of the interview:

More from the Rio Olympics: Mongolian wrestling coaches take their clothes in protest to their wrestler losing match:

Keeler intrigued by the list of the World's Most Comforting Sounds. Among them: birds chirping, rain, a shower running, a train and a the sound of humming. Plus, some crazy news stories:

A toddler who survived in the water for over and hour. She was wearing a life jacked and was floating under the overturned boat, which created an air pocket allowing her to survive - read story here.

And a 93-year-old man completes his run across America - story here.

- Barbra Streisand is bothered by the IPhone Siri pronunciation of her name. She called Tim Cook to discuss, and may have let the cat out of the bag on the next IPhone update, September 30th, according to Steisand - story here.

7 AM Hour

Late this morning we'll talk with Tchula Police Chief Kenneth Hampton. He's 'outspoken', especially on his department's Facebook page.

We speak with NY Senate candidate Jermaine Bagnall Graham, a US Army veteran from Sherburne, NY. He's a Democrat challenging longtime incumbent, Republican Jim Seward in the 51st district. (Bagnall Graham campaign site). Graham said he doesn't think the NY Safe Act went far enough but wasn't sure if it made NY any safer. He also said he doesn't support Common Core.

Recapping audio from Ryan Lochte's 'apology'. He sat down this weekend with Matt Lauer of NBC, but did eventually say he was wrong and was not robbed (see above for audio clips).

Plus, Rabbi Didy Walks on an upcoming class at the Jewish Community Center. It is designed to offer Jewish wisdom and insight on two major issues in the presidential election: gun control and abortion.

8 AM Hour

Donald Trump's message is changing. Will it last? Plus, Hillary Clinton appearing a fundraising event at Magic Johnson's home today. Keeler has a recap of the Rio Olympics - Carmelo Anthony retires from international basketball action, and more. Plus, the NFL says 'No' to Mike Tirico doing Thursday night football games on NBC, as the league would prefer the network's 'A' Team of Al Michael and Chris Collinsworth.

Tchula, Mississippi Police Facebook page has people talking about the posts from outspoken Chief Kenneth Hampton.

Jeff Hartz, Landmarks Society of Greater Utica, on trying to save buildings in downtown Utica that are slated for demolition in preparation for a downtown hospital. Hartz says they'd like to save as many building as possible because they provide a look back at the history of Utica.

- Matt Roberts of Three Doors Down died over the weekend at the age of 38 - full story. And, American wrestler Kyle Snyder wins gold - story here.

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