A Schoharie County man is heartbroken and shaken after he learned that a family of geese was hit by a ruthless driver in Schoharie County on Monday morning -killing two of them.  The driver at this time is unknown - but perhaps that can change.

Photo: Tony Frier Facebook
Family of Geese -  All 8 before the accident

Who could be so heartless to do this and just keep driving?  That's what we want to know - and perhaps you can help.

Tony Frier wrote about the incident on Facebook after it happened on Monday morning around 7 am in the Town of Broome -  located a few miles outside of Middleburgh in Schoharie County.

Frier, owner of Wattles' Inn Bed and Breakfast in Middleburgh, told us he didn't see the car that mowed down the geese on State Route 145 but saw the carnage that followed about 30 minutes later.

"We found them around 7:30," Frier sadly explained.

Photo: Google Maps
Stretch of road along 145 in the Town of Broome where the geese were mowed down on Monday morning

"Even when we went into the road to pick them up cars did not bother to stop. One slowed down, but the others just whizzed around us. One of the geese was deceased."

Frier tried frantically to save the animals that he had grown so fond of over time, but there was only so much the Good Samaritan could do.

"When I picked up the other it raised its head...the poor thing had been lying in the road for at least 30 minutes and no one stopped."

Realizing that one of the babies needed special attention, Frier rushed it to a local wildlife rehab center, and unfortunately, they had to euthanize the baby.

"Their body was so broken...I can't even imagine the suffering."

The following video was taken before the incident by Frier, and you can see all 8 geese in the family enjoying a stroll.  The one trailing the pack walks with a limp, and Frier told us that she does so because of a wildlife attack sustained a few years ago. Sadly, she was one of the two geese who died.

Frier tells us that the remaining 6 geese are back together, but that he's still shaken over the incident, and hopes there's justice for the animals.

"I have spoken to the State Police about the speeding down here. We were told it would be brought to the sergeant's attention...It's just a matter of time before someone gets killed out here."

There were no witnesses and no vehicle descriptions, and unless someone out there reading this right now can help, more than likely it will go unsolved.

If you have any information regarding the geese mowed down on Monday morning, please contact the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office. 

Frier did what he could to save the animals, but it was beyond his control.  The world needs more people like him, and fewer of the person who ran over (accidentally or not) a family of geese - only to keep driving.

"If people would just leave earlier to get where they need to be, these geese would still be alive," he said.

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