FEMA has denied New York State's request for major disaster assistance to areas of the Mohawk Valley hit hard by the flooding that occurred on July 1st, 2017.

Senator Joe Griffo says, "FEMA’s denial of the state’s request for funding is wrong, frustrating and needs to be appealed. In a time when it seems more severe weather and natural disasters are occurring with more regularity, FEMA should reexamine and reassess its decision-making process when it comes to providing assistance for communities that have been impacted by natural disasters such as the flooding that occurred this past July. The agency must ensure that it has the appropriate level of funding available to meet all of the needs of our communities and residents across the nation who may find themselves impacted by these devastating natural and weather-related events. I am hopeful that the federal government will revisit this decision, reverse it, acknowledge the state’s request and provide much-needed financial assistance."

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says, "It is simply incomprehensible to me that FEMA has concluded that local residents and municipalities in the Mohawk Valley and other parts of the state do not need additional resources following the devastating flooding that hit our area last July. Over the last five months, I have heard from many residents who still have not recovered from this storm. I am strongly urging the members of New York’s Congressional Delegation to contact FEMA administrators and demand a second look at this application."

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney says she's deeply disappointed with FEMA's decision and will support an immediate appeal.

FEMA claims the damage done this past summer was not enough to be eligible for funding.

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