Village of Whitesboro, NY (WIBX) - An important exercise is underway near the Village of Whitesboro. Trainers with Freedom Guide Dogs are teaching their four-legged students to develop a healthy fear of traffic. Guide Dog Trainer, David Sutch said, "Today is called Traffic Reinforcement where we just walk out in front of trained traffic--not in front of, but let them go so the dog will realize to stop for the car."

He says the mission is to prepare the dogs to one day, help guide the visually impaired.

Freedom Guide Dogs is a unique charity that provide the disabled--free of charge--with guide dogs throughout the northeast. They operate solely on donations and other government funding. Sutch says it takes between 4 and 6 months to train a guide dog, and the cost runs about $25,000.00. To learn more about the program contact the group at (315) 822-5132, or via email at

Jeanette Lenoir, WIBX
Jeanette Lenoir, WIBX

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