WIBX's Bill Keeler had a fox in his yard on Monday night and it was barking out a screeching sound.

The video was played on the Keeler Show today and many listeners said the barking/screeching sound was warning others of danger. Most people agreed that the fox look healthy and did not seem infected by rabies. In fact, many surmised that by the way the fox was acting, that it probably had pups somewhere the nearby wooded area.

By the way, a baby fox is referred to as a pup. A female fox is a vixen and male foxes are called dogs, tods or reynards. Foxes tend to stay close to family members and a group of foxes is called a pack.

According to the humane society, a rabid fox can be very dangerous and people should keep their distance. "Contact your local animal control agency or public health department and follow applicable state laws or local ordinances for monitoring your pet at home or in a veterinary clinic. A rabid fox may act unnaturally tame."


Watch the video of the fox in Keeler's back yard from Monday night. 


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