In my travels, I am often found at a chain restaurant. I know some people find this maddening and my coworkers give me hell about it all the time. So, when I do venture out of my comfort zone, I like to be reasonably assured I will have a good experience. This is why I always look at the menu online for a place before I decide that it's for me.

Recently I was in the Syracuse area and decided it was time for dinner. I messaged a friend in the area for some suggestions. One of those suggestions was Bull & Bear Roadhouse. As I looked at their menu, I was immediately drawn to a particular item.

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It was the Fry-Cuterie.

As much as we all love our burgers and such, we all know that good fries can make or break a meal. So, this excited me. A board of 4 varieties of French fry with 4 different sauces. As a Waffle Fry enthusiast, seeing the inclusion of said item was enough to sell me. Add in Sweet Potato, Tots and regular fries and I was hooked and knew I had to try it.

I arrived and made my order. Within minutes, the waitress put down in front of me a magical wood plank of happiness. I tried each fry with ketchup, as is my go-to before I tried their suggested sauces and toppings. Having never had Maple Butter before, I can only say that this will most definitely not be the last time.

It was only after I started consuming this hard that I realized I should take a picture of it and share what I found with the world. So, enjoy my photo of my half eaten, first but not last, Fry Cuterie.


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