When you think "the best french fries" what restaurant in New York State are you thinking?

Let's be real- French fries come in different shapes and sizes and maybe even some seasonings, but for the most part, fries are fries wherever you go in the United States. French fries are the perfect side for any dish. From burgers, hot dogs, steaks, you name it. French fries aren't just for kids.

In a recent article by Eat This, Not That! They ran down the best places for French fries in America and also right here in New York State. The winner in New York is an eatery located right in New York City. 4 Charles Prime Rib 4 Charles is a club located in the West Village of New York City. Here's what the article had to say about their french fries:

This New York hot spot has a wait for reservations, and for good reason. The intimate decor sets the stage for a decadent and hearty meal. Though it might not seem the place for fries, these are cooked in beef tallow to a pleasant consistency, thickly cut and tasty."

The photo used on the website, makes the fries look terrible. Are these truly the best in New York State? We disagree, but this author has never tried them.


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