While we've had a rather unseasonably warm September, harsh winter weather is soon to follow. 

While it may not feel like the cold and snow are coming, we all know it's not far off. To help ensure you're ready for all that mother nature has to offer, consider visiting your local Carbone dealership so they can help prepare you for what is to come.

Beyond getting an oil change and making sure you have adequate tire tread, or changing to snow tires, there are other areas to pay attention to as the weather changes:

  • Be aware of your vehicles recommended tire pressure. The pressure can change when the temperature does.
  • Be sure to have heavy duty wipe blades, and make sure they're in good condition. No one wants to be driving and unable to see because your wipers are smearing the mix of mud, snow and rain, rather than clearing the windshield.
  • Also be sure to have an adequate supply of windshield washer fluid. Whether is the -20 below fluid, or a regular fluid, we tend to use much more of the stuff in the winter months
  • Ensure your engine has the appropriate amount of anti-freeze
  • This is a big one - your battery. As the temps fall below zero, the likelihood of battery failure increases. Have your battery tested and get the advice of an expert about when you should consider replacing your old one

For assistance with these and other weatherization tips for your vehicle, call the service department of your vehicle's local Carbone Auto Group retailer. And, when you make a visit, be sure to have your Carbone Rewards card. Be using the card and accruing points, you'll save money on your next Carbone vehicle lease or purchase.

Also, if you'd like to avoid getting into a cold car in the winter, check out the video below featuring the 2017 Nissan Altima S. It comes equipped with a factory car starter and a backup camera, providing a warm ride with a full view of what's behind your vehicle as you're backing up or parallel parking. It'll help you avoid the over sized snowbanks that are protruding into parking spaces around the Mohawk Valley.


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