Senator Joseph Griffo is continuing his push for passage of the Charitable Gaming Act.

Griffo was joined in Albany today by his colleagues from the Senate and Assembly, as well as representatives from various charitable organizations.

The Charitable Gaming Act would amend state law to allow non-profit charitable groups to sell raffle tickets over the Internet.  It would also allow them to accept additional payment options for raffles and other fundraising activities.

Under existing rules, online sales and debit and credit card payments are prohibited.

“Many of the volunteer groups and charitable organizations throughout New York will not be able to continue doing good things for our community if our state gets in the way of their ability to raise funds through online raffle tickets,” said Griffo. “If we are fortunate to have many people who are willing to give generously to these groups, then we in the Legislature and the Governor should do everything in our power to make it easier for these people to donate online on behalf of those in need.”

The bill passed the Senate and Assembly in 2016, but the Governor vetoed it.

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