Senator Joseph Griffo has selected Armando "Army" Seccurra of Rome to be honored in the New York State Senate 2017 Veterans' Hall of Fame.

The former U.S. Army Staff Sgt was recognized by Griffo during a ceremony in Albany today, where Seccurra was joined by members of his family.

The son of Italian immigrants, the 95-year old Seccurra left his hometown of Rome in 1942 when he was drafted into World War II.  He was awarded the Bronze Star for his service from 1942 until 1945.

“So many of our generations have bravely defended our nation and freedom overseas, and each of these men and women are defined not only by their service to our country, but also through the remarkable lives they have lived,” said Griffo. “Army Seccurra is one of these exceptional individuals, whose small U.S. Army unit played a little-known but very important role in the victory of Iwo Jima. We are grateful for Staff Sergeant Seccurra’s efforts to ensure success for our troops throughout World War II, and I am proud to honor Army among all of the brave men and women of the State Senate Veteran’s Hall of Fame.”

Seccurra currently lives in New Hartford.

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