Senator Joe Griffo is introducing legislation in New York State that would ban the sale of powdered alcohol also known as 'Palcohol.'

Griffo's bill would will outlaw the sale of the product in New York State outside of bars and taverns - even if the FDA allows the product to be marketed in the U.S.

"Powdered alcohol is so easy to transport and hide in a pocket, making it more portable than a bottle or flask of liquor," Griffo said. "It could be used illegally by young people and brought into schools and other venues that prohibit alcohol consumption. There could also be serious health risks from snorting this product to get alcohol directly to the brain. It could even be sprinkled onto someone's food or in their drink without the other person's knowledge."

The FDA approved powdered alcohol on April 20, but quickly reversed their decision, stating it had been made in error.

Lipsmark, the company that makes palcohol has resubmitted their application for FDA approval.