Senator Joseph Griffo hosted Senator Robert Ortt, the chairman of the Senate’s mental health committee, and representatives of the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs on Tuesday.

A meeting was held at the State Office Building in Utica to discuss various issues related to the care of individuals requiring targeted care.

Griffo says the meeting provided the public with the chance to directly engage and interact with an agency that they might not get the chance to do so otherwise.

“Let’s see what they have to say,” Griffo said. “Then we, as a legislature, have to determine whether or not there has to be any modifications or adjustments to the legislation that created this agency and whether or not they are staying true to their mission or whether they’re going outside of their mission.”

The meeting comes after news reports this past summer indicated that there was neglect at a state-run group home in the city of Rome that involved the maggot infestation of a resident.


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