State lawmakers have voted to approve the new Congressional districts that will give Democrats an advantage in nearly all of New York's House of Representatives districts over the next decade.

The maps would give the party an advantage in 22 of the state’s 26 congressional districts. Republicans currently hold eight of New York’s 27 seats in Congress

Local state lawmakers are reacting to the passage of the redistricting maps.

47th District Senator Joe Grffo:

"The recent introduction of redistricting maps reflects the true intentions of the Democratic majorities in the Legislature. While it took months for the Independent Redistricting Commission to devise legislative boundaries, the majorities apparently only needed several days behind closed doors to create partisan and gerrymandered districts that will protect and grow their political power.”

51st District Senator Peter Oberacker:

Good government groups, editorial boards, and citizens across the state have all criticized the gerrymandered maps that were rushed through the senate. These new elections districts were designed by one party with one main goal -- to consolidate political power and suffocate opposing viewpoints. This action is in direct conflict with the public's call for an independent process and will face a vigorous court challenge.

Republican Leader Robert Ortt:


“This week, Legislative Democrats shamelessly turned their backs on the will of New Yorkers by adopting legislation to create their own gerrymandered partisan districts after rejecting maps created by the Independent Redistricting Commission. They did so behind closed doors, without considering input from thousands of communities of interest or holding a single public hearing.”

Republicans have promised that they'll challenge the new maps in court.

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