Senator Joe Griffo continues to push for an independent investigation into Governor Andrew Cuomo and his administration's handling of nursing home deaths.

Griffo started off his interview on WIBX's Keeler Show on Monday by giving credit to Cuomo. "In the beginning the Governor took on (the) responsibility and began to guide us, but I think as time went on, he amassed an enormous amount of power and you've sen a lot of inconsistencies, contradictory opinions that are being given and some of them seem to arbitrary. So, it's time to reign that in," he said.

Griffo admitted that with a Democratic majority, it's possible that the majority will allow the Governor's emergency executive powers to expire next month, he said it's time to revert back to normal legislative procedure.

Griffo called on the Governor to bring back visitation at nursing homes. Later in the day on Monday, Cuomo announced he was re-opening visitation at nursing facilities, with some restrictions. Griffo went further to say we need long-term reform at nursing homes to make sure residents are safe. He called for more staff, better pay, and a better use of technology in the industry.

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Griffo said he's confident that we'll see change as members from both sides of the isle are now challenging the Governor's authority.

Listen to the complete interview here.

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