Even if you're not at retirement age just yet, this may be worth your time to plan when the time comes.

The funny thing is many people retire after working in New York and then just move somewhere else. A lot of people might choose Florida, Texas, or any other state that is quite a bit warmer.

So, what if the New York climate isn't a problem for you, what if you'd rather just stay in the Empire State, then two cities could be a destination for you.

What Makes A City Good, To Retire In?

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Forbes compiled a list and named two cities per state that are the best to retire in.

They had a few factors they were looking at, mainly, affordability and population.

  • When retired, you're living on a nest egg and a town with a high cost of living will easily chip away at your savings quickly.
  • The only barometer they said was a city with 10,000 or more residents is best. Leading to better amenities and good quality of life.

What New York Cities Made The List?

Cornell University via Facebook
Cornell University via Facebook

The city that is the best in New York State to retire in, is Ithaca. This might strike as odd being that Ithaca is known for being a college town with Cornell University and Ithaca College. But the city checks off the boxes for population and cost of living. With a population of 31,000 and a median home price in the city of $242,000, Forbes says is enough to make it the best in the state.

How About A Runner-Up?

High Falls via Facebook
High Falls via Facebook

When you think about a place to retire, does Rochester come to mind? Well, it did for Forbes. It has a population that ensures you'll have many amenities. Housing prices also are a major reason the city is a great place to retire. Forbes says the median home price is $73,000, maybe look at the more expensive homes though.

If Rochester and Ithaca made the list, why not Utica or Rome?

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