When you think of Utica, do you think of it as being a large city?

The fact is, the answer to the above should be yes. In fact, Utica used to be even bigger. At one time the city had a population making it one of the largest cities not only in New York but in the entire country. There obviously has been a fall from grace when it comes to population, but not in spirit.

At one point in time, Utica had a population of 100,000 people. That was nearly 100 years ago, however. At the time, Utica was a bustling factory town with many immigrants making their way into Central New York. Over the years, the city has seen a steady decline from one reason, to another. At the moment, over the last few decades, Utica has seen it's population flatline for the most part.

Why Is Uticas Population Special?

One thing that makes Utica a little more unique than other cities on this list is the fact we have a population of 65,283 and it isn't because of proximity. By that, we mean many other cities on this list have such a large population because they are close to another even bigger city.

Below, you'll see cities number 3, 7, and 8 all are within close proximity to New York City, making all the sense in the world because it is too expensive to live in most parts of the Big Apple.

One thing for sure, you're probably going to guess which city is number one on the list. Do you know which other cities are bigger than Utica?

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