A little girl is smiling again thanks to a selfless deed by the Utica Police Department.

A local woman has publicly thanked local police officers for helping her young daughter, Alannah, regain her faith in the world.

Her story will make your heart melt.

Tragedy Strikes

Last week, Facebook user InDi Nadarevic asked the public to help her identify the young man who stole her daughter's bicycle.

She caught the moment the crime took place on her doorbell camera and shared an image of the suspected thief in hopes of identifying him.

She explained the bicycle, which was black and pink with training wheels, was a birthday gift.

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Nadarevic's little one was understandably distraught that it was gone:

It was her birthday present from February, she is so devastated, and to top it off she is autistic and does not understand why someone took hers and not her sisters that was kind of hidden, it's just crazy how now days the kids do the most.

The mama bear begged the community to help locate the bike or convince the thief "to have him return it to the house where he got it from."

Nadarevic also filed a complaint with the police to see if they could track down the stolen bike.

Turns out UPD took the case very seriously and were intent on mending the little girl's broken heart.

An Amazing Gesture

A week after the crime took place, Nadarevic returned to Facebook with the most heartwarming update.

She explained when she initially filed the stolen bike report with the Utica Police Department, they "called to get more information for the bike and had me send pictures of the bike as well."

Nadarevic complied, not knowing what the UPD investigator had up her sleeve. The investigator, identified with the last name Dodge, promised she would keep looking for the missing bike and update the mom with any updates.

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On Thursday, the investigator rolled up to Nadarevic's house with a special surprise for her daughter - a brand new bike that was identical to the one that was stolen.

The investigator explained that she, along with "her brothers and sisters from the Utica Police Department" pooled their money together to purchase the bicycle.

Alannah was in shock that she couldn't even say nothing , but one thing for sure UPD made this little girls day by this amazing gesture I am forever thankful to them all!

Nadarevic shared photos of her overjoyed daughter riding her bike.

The community is overjoyed by the good news and are glad to see Alannah smiling again.

Check out the heartwarming post below:

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