In July 2015 Jenny Webb of Holland Patent had something taken from her that was more than just financially valuable. A sentimental gift from her father who died of cancer in 2002 was stolen from her home.

Jenny Webb took to her social media page to ask for the public's help in tracking down the memorable watch given to her at the age of only 12. A police report was filed when she realized it was gone, but three years later she still has no answers.

Jenny Webb
Jenny Webb

Since the theft, Webb has discovered little clues as to the journey of the stolen Rolex. She was able to track the watch to a pawn shop in Rome, NY, but the owner told her the watch was sold to someone at the Bouckville Antique Show in August 2015.

Webb says she believes she knows who stole the watch initially and believes the thief had old keys to her home and that person entered on several occasions and allegedly took several pieces. The piece that is most important is the watch.

An article written for the Rome Sentinel indicates that an arrest was made after the watch was pawned. The article states,

Police said John L. Wishart, of 2014 Highland Ave., Utica, pawned the stolen Rolex at National Gold Buyers on South Jay Street on July 21. Police said the watch, which is worth over $3,000, had been reported stolen from a residence in Trenton.

Police said the man used his actual name and I.D. when he pawned the watch. He told the employee at the pawn shop the watch belonged to him. He was charged with Possession of Stolen Property, but there is no confirmation that he was ever actually found guilty.

Webb says, "All I want is my watch returned. I am willing to pay for its return. If you have any information about someone who may have bought a ladies stainless Rolex watch with a charcoal face please contact me at 315-865-4129."

If you have information on the whereabouts of the watch, you can contact Webb directly or email

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