An interactive simulation video will be filmed before 7 AM on Sunday and made into a virtual runner app to be used by those training for the Boilermaker.

A company called "Outside Interactive" will have 2 people on segways recording the race from the runner's perspective. Virtual Runner allows runners to interact with race courses, popular running routes, and scenic locations on any treadmill.

Through High Definition (HD) videos, you control the pace either manually or automatically using a compatible treadmill or through wearable technology. It’s a mobile application that you can bring anywhere. Also, adjusting the speed manually allows you to use Virtual Runner with any indoor training equipment. It's the next best thing to being there! [Outside Interactive]

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Boilermaker President Mark Donovan tells WKTV:

"The message for our folks locally is if you are a spectator and you've been coming out to this race for years, you're going to be a part of this video. So just get out there before 7, and look for two people on segways, one will be the cameraman, and one will have a big sign that says cheer,”

Race officials encourage you to act like runners are going by to make the virtual video as realistic as possible. Pretend to pass the runner water, cheer and clap, ring that cowbell! Outside Interactive videos are filmed from a first-person point of view to provide a more immersive experience.

The Virtual Runner app. is designed for use on a Windows PC, iPad, or Android Tablet. Outside Interactive says to link your device up to your HDTV at home for a more immersive experience or grab your iPad or tablet and take it with you to the gym.

Pretty cool, right? Run Utica's Boilermaker anytime anywhere.

[Information from WKTV and Outside Interactive]

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