Hats off (and from the pics it looks like a few more pounds, too) to Joe Load for an incredible accomplishment this Boilermaker Sunday!

The Founder and spokesman of #JoeTheDistance, Joe Leonard polished off his first Boilermaker 15k on Sunday in under an hour and 50-minutes. Not too shabby at all.

For many, Utica's 15k has two story lines: Elite international athletes who carve up the streets of Utica with incredible speed and endurance. And, your story! The post race party is a MASSIVE gathering of winners standing elbow-to-elbow with their supporters, and fellow runners, all celebrating their accomplishment!

(credit: Joseph Leonard on Facebook)

Did you get a PR? Was this your tenth straight Boilermaker? Did you overcome some odds to make it race day and finish? etc. There are over 10,000 of these stories crossing the finish line every year. And this year, Joe Leonard's was my favorite!

Listeners to Keeler in the Morning know a bit about it:  He's shed over 105-pounds, and after two decades of DJ-ing some on-course entertainment for other runners Joe decided to get-all-fit and do the damn thang' himself!

(credit: Joseph Leonard on Facebook)

Today, he did. 1:48:43. And, an ear to ear smile you could wrap around the moon and back.

Plus, sore legs, he says.

(credit: Joseph Leonard on Facebook)

Congrats Joe! You are an absolute inspiration!

We'll hear from Joe to see how he's doing the day after the big race. He's scheduled to join us in the 6am hour Monday morning on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning.