The weather is warming up in the Capital Region! Maybe it's time to start planning that Summer vacation. If you are thinking of staying close to home perhaps a trip to Long Island? Spend some time on the beach, do a little swimming and bump into a Great White Shark?

If that wasn't enough to freak you out how about a 12.5 foot, 1,000 pound Great White Shark swimming off the coast of New York?

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According to 4 New York, there is a massive Great White shark that goes by the name "Ironbound" that has been spotted off the coast of New Jersey and if history repeats itself he will be traveling North to New York before heading further North off the coast of Canada.

Ironbound is tagged with a tracing device so that researchers can monitor it's breeding and feeding habits and to keep an eye on it's whereabouts. Recently the Great White "pinged" a location off the coast of New Jersey. The most recent ping places him off the coast of North Carolina.

New York Department of Conservation indicates that several species of sharks can be found in New York's marine waters and they range from 4 feet to up to 40 feet! So a 12 foot shark like Ironbound is on the small size? Not necessarily. As far as Great White's go this guy is one of the bigger ones.

Adult Great White sharks can be dangerous to humans due to their size, power, and feeding behavior. Interactions with humans are more likely to occur due to this species use of coastal habitat. The International Shark Attack File lists 333 unprovoked shark bite incidents worldwide for this species, 52 of which were fatal.

It is probably that Ironbound will head North again soon. Great White's not only move North as the water warms, they tend to move closer to the shoreline.

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