Students in Mrs. Alt's 4th grade class at Hughes Elementary in New Hartford have done something truly unique this holiday season.

Instead of raising toys for children in need, the young class decided to help out young children who are victims of sexual abuse.

According to Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol, the class donated several blankets to the Oneida County Child Advocacy Center.

The blankets will be given to victims, who in many cases are young children, during difficult times. The Child Advocacy Center works tirelessly to protect and provide services to victims of sexual assault on a daily basis.

In the above picture with the children are Oneida County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Joe Lisi, Sheriff's Inv. Mike Simmons, Sheriff's Inv. CJ Paravati, Sheriff's Inv. Melissa Bolton, and Utica Police Inv. Eric Scorzafava.

A certificate of appreciation was presented to the 4th grade class for their kind donation.

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