Scott Flansburg, who is known as the 'Human Calculator' has teamed up with Tabor, a firm offering personalized and instructor-led math tutoring programs, to make 2015 “The Year of Math.”  The partnership is aimed at helping elementary and middle school students overcome their fear of math and hone their skills by adding a healthy bit of fun and light-hearted competition to math learning.

The promotion, the “Tabtor Math Idol Challenge” with The Human Calculator, is a contest that allows individual students and schools to compete in a grade and skill level-appropriate contest for cool prizes while learning.  Prizes include PS4, iPods and a chance to Skype with Scott Flansburg, whose super-human skills earned him the current Guinness World Record as “Fastest Human Calculator.  Top participating classrooms will also be eligible to have a pizza party.”

To participate, kids can have their parents sign them up at the Tabtor Math Idol Challenge site and download the free Tabtor Math app.  This is available on iPad and Android tablets at the Apple App Store or via GooglePlay. Questions are customized by grade level and math proficiency. Scores are calculated according to the number of correct answers and the time it takes participants to respond to the questions.

The contest runs from March 16 until May 31, 2015 and questions are drawn from the most effective curricula worldwide to facilitate student learning.  When the contest ends, prizes will be awarded to the top individual scorers in each grade. A competition leaderboard will allow participants to keep track of how competitors are faring throughout the contest.  More details on contest rules and eligibility are available at the contest website.

 Flansburg is offering an additional pizza party for the local school that successfully takes on the challenge.  Flansburg is originally from Newport, NY and attended West Canada Valley and Herkimer schools.  He holds the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Human Calculator” by adding the same number to itself more times in 15 seconds than a person can do using a calculator.

Listen to the Human Calculator talking with the Keeler Show: