Are you getting ready for hunting season? Depending on where you are in New York State, is when you can begin to go hunting. Each type of animal has a 'season' and you will have to honor that, as far as you can not be hunting that animal out of season.

Do you have your hunting, or trapping license and know the changes that have take place starting this fall 2022 with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation? Here are links, just in case to catch you up on that.

What do you need to know about hunting Black Bears in New York State?


First and foremost, before you head outdoors to go hunting, double check to see if there have been any changes to the hunting dates, the types of ammunition that you can use and if there have been any changes to the limit that you can hunt for that species. Do you need tags for that animal? Do you need to report that you caught one (and where) to the DEC? Depending on what you are hunting, yes.

What is the season for Black Bear hunting in New York State?

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Depending on which zone you are in, in New York State you can start bowhunting for deer as early as September 10. Crossbow hunting on October 12 and regular hunting on October 22. Again, these dates vary by zone. Refer to your zone on the DEC website, for the legally hunting dates in your zone.

Can you use bait to hunt a Black Bear in New York State?


Most hunters know that it can be a bit more challenging to hunt a bear or deer without bait, but in New York State, you are not allowed to bait for bears. In fact, if the DEC finds that you used bait, their will take your bear and donate it, then they will give you a ticket.

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