The North American Manure Expo (NAME) is about to make its way to Upstate New York, and people in the agriculture world are full of - Exremen--- oops, I mean, excitement.

It's going to be a *%$# Show and there will be dozens and dozens of vendors and experts and most of them will be full of *%$#, according to CNY Agriculture expert and local farmer Ben Simons.

Now that we've gotten the juvenile jokes out of the way, we can get serious about animal manure and the amazing benefits it lends to agriculture and the environment.

The North American Manure Expo is everything there is to know about professionalism in nutrient management. For the first time ever, the expo will be held in New York State. Last year's event was held in Arlington, Wisconsin. The 2024 event will be held at the Patterson Farm in Springport, NY, in Cayuga County on July 17th and 18th.

Simons says this manure expo is bringing new technology involving manure and adding nutrients back into the soil, and making land used for growing more fertile and productive. This is about educating farmers and nutritionists.

"Back in the old days a farmer just used his own discretion on when and where to spread manure," said Simons. "Today larger farms have to go through a CAFO program (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). You have to have an agronomist come out, soil sample every acre of farmland you own, and they prescribe" how much manure can be applied, when and where. Simons says not only does this keep the land safe for the farmer and his or her neighbors, but it makes the land far more productive during the growing season, which benefits the farmer.

Here's some of what attendees will be able to see at this year's Manure Expo, according to

Land application demonstrations.

See the newest manure application equipment in action with live-action solid and liquid manure application demonstrations.
An outdoor exhibition.

The latest and greatest manure technology and equipment will be on display, and vendors will be on hand to discuss details, availability and pricing.

Multiple tour options will be available, highlighting agronomic, environmental and manure storage or treatment systems using innovative approaches and research.
Manure agitation demonstrations.

Pumps and boats will be put to the test as they agitate an actual manure pit on-site.
Educational sessions. Experts from around the country, and beyond, will share information and knowledge about a diverse set of manure and nutrient management topics in four education tents. The Manure Safety School is a great place for employees to brush up on best practices for safe manure applications.

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