The New York State Fair is underway and there are so many fun things, and food, to enjoy! But the heart and soul of the fair is, without question, agriculture. There is some great news for the hard working families that farm here in New York State.

When you go to a fair, before you ride the rides or walk through the exhibit and sale buildings, take some time to visit the barns. Talk to the families who brought their animals and see what goes in to feeding the people of New York. Farming is a full time job that these families are proud to do and the fair offers a fantastic opportunity to thank them in person.

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced a significant amount of money has been set aside to upgrade some of the facilities and barns on the grounds of the New York State Fair.

While visiting the fair, Governor Hochul announced a nearly 35-million dollar project that'll include a new sheepbarn and wool center, new show space for goats, and a one-and-a-half acre greenhouse!

From dairy to vegetables and everything in between, we all owe, at the very least, a thank you to the farmers of New York and the United States. The weather has been rough for farmers this summer. The hot days are tough on dairy cows and the drought conditions have made growing nearly impossible for some. Without farms, we simply have no food and it is great to see some recognition for their hard work in New York.

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