Redmond, WA (WIBX) - Several versions of the second most widely used web browser in the world are susceptible to attacks by hackers.

Hundreds of millions of computers used by Internet Explorer users worldwide are said to be susceptible to attacks by hackers who, sneaking through a bug in the software, implant malware that can control the infected computers.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 is not affected, but other versions of the popular Internet cruiser are.

In a written statement Microsoft says that it is "...aware of targeted attacks potentially affecting some versions of Internet Explorer" and will "...take further actions as appropriate" in addition to releasing a patch.

Yunsun Wee, Director of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing suggests the following links for users of the software:  Security Advisory 2757760 and the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) 3.0 are available to correct the problem and provide provide without interfering with web browsing.