Meet the world's angriest soccer player.

Actually, this may be the world's angriest person.

Alejandro Roncaglia, who plays soccer for a second division squad in Argentina, recently received a yellow card. That happens in soccer. It's part of the game. His reaction, though? A little extreme.

He slugs referee Arnaldo Beron. And not just some weak punch, either. We're talking something with the power and rage of Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Beron goes down quickly, while a teammate pulls Roncaglia away.

The match was suspended and Beron went to the hospital. Interestingly, police ran onto the field after the punch, but there's no word if Roncaglia was arrested. You'd think there's a pretty good case for assault.

No matter what the result of this awful encounter is, one thing is sure: Roncaglia needs to learn to keep his emotions in check.

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