Stanford, CA (WIBX) - Is technology making us stupid?  A scientist at Stanford University thinks so.

In the journal Trends in Genetics Dr. Gerald Crabtree says that the brain was once responsible for keeping human beings safe in society.  A highly evolved brain was needed to make advances in fields such as agriculture and science.  However, those skills are not necessarily needed as much.  Consequently the genes associated with high intellect are not passed on as much.  The result is that what we gain in technological advances we lose in intellect.

IQ levels are rising, however, but Crabtree attributes that to better prenatal care.  Gerald Crabtree, M.D., has headed the "Crabtree Laboratory," otherwise known as the "Crab Lab" at Stanford, since 1985.  Do you agree with his assertion?  Comment on our Facebook pageand vote in today's Question of the Day: