We've known there was a good chance that it would happen for a while, but it became official today: Aaron Judge is the captain of the New York Yankees. Judge joins an elite group of former Yankees' players who have held this title, all of whom are prominent members of the foundation of the world's most recognizable sports franchise.

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Aaron Judge Joins Elite Group of 16 Players to Captain the NY Yankees

A story from ESPN and other outlets detailed an announcement made at a New York Yankees' press conference, in which superstar outfielder Aaron Judge was named the 16th captain in franchise history. Judge was joined by former team captains, Willie Randolph and Derek Jeter, as well as Hal Steinbrenner and other team officials, some of whom spoke to the media about the news.

On being named captain, Judge said: "I was taken aback. You look at this list of individuals who have this title, it's such an honor."

Aaron Judge Press Conference
Willie Randolph, Aaron Judge, Derek Jeter / Getty Images

To me, this was a no-brainer for the Yankees and Judge, and further illustrates a point that I've made about Judge for a while. For this generation of young New York fans, Aaron Judge is their Derek Jeter. By that, I mean that when fans of a past era would go to the team store, they'd likely seek out a No. 2 jersey, or shersey, to wear with pride.

Now, fans seek out a No. 99 jersey, and will be doing so for quite some time.

As mentioned above, Judge is now part of an elite group of players who have been named captain of the New York Yankees over the century-plus history of the ballclub. Check out the list of players below to get an idea of just how special it is to be bestowed with this honor in New York.

Judge Becomes 16th NY Yankees' Captain, Joining These Players

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