It's apple picking time in New York and if you're thinking of bringing them home by the bushel, we've got ideas on how you can use them.

New York State is known for their apples

New York is known to the rest of the world as "The Big Apple."  While that name doesn't actually have anything to do with the quality of apples that are produced here, the nickname fits.  We are only second to Washington State when it comes to apple production.  The weather here is perfect with all the lakes in the area.  If you're looking for great apples, you can easily find them here.

What can you do with apples once you pick them?

Right now is peak apple picking time.  The trees are really getting weighed down with the fruit and it's time to harvest.  But what will you do with them all once you've got them?  Sure, you can just eat them the way they are and you can cook with them, but did you know there are a ton of other things you can do with them?

Apples are more than just food

Yup, they're good for you, but did you know they can also help your skin?  They are super helpful when it comes to making your house smell amazing any time of the year.  Plus, they can even help you get in better shape.  Don't believe me?  Keep scrolling to see all the incredible ways, you can use the apples that you picked below.

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