Who knew big name celebrities love Upstate New York as much as we do?

It's not often you see well-known singers or movie stars hanging around in Upstate New York. If anything, they are just in New York City and enjoying everything the Big Apple has to offer. But sometimes they venture a little further, all the way up to our neck of the woods.

And you won't believe who was up here this time.

No Way... Jim Carrey!

Yes... it's actually him. Not a lookalike, not a doppelgänger.

Jim Carrey was just recently spotted in Upstate New York, visiting Sound Healing Adirondacks in Old Forge. Anyone would be surprised to see him walking through the front door, but not as much as owner Andrea Lisette Villiere.

She's been an active and certified Sound Healing Practitioner since 2015, living her dream in Old Forge. Andrea just loves following her passion, little did she know she'd get the chance to meet "Mr. Grinch" himself.

As you can tell, she had a lot of fun with him too.

Though it is certainly not common, there have been quite a few celebrities spotted in Upstate New York over the past year. And all of them were enjoying their time here.

Kiefer Sutherland

The actor and musician was seen enjoying a meal at Ole Savannah Southern Table and Bar in Kingston, New York.

Sutherland's visit was the biggest highlight of our day!

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Kevin Bacon

Sutherland's Flatliner co-star Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick were at Utica Coffee Roasting Company a month ago. Both probably stopped in for their morning jolt of caffeine before heading to their camp in the Adirondacks for the Labor Day holiday weekend.

It was a pleasure to meet these amazing and talented people!

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Geraldo Rivera Grabs Bite

A famous talk show host was spotted dining at a restaurant after spending a day on the water. Geraldo Rivera enjoyed a bite to eat at Parkside Drive-In in St. Johnsville.

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Credit - Parkside Drive-in via Facebook
Credit - Parkside Drive-in via Facebook

Celebs in Upstate New York

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