A Central New York native is returning to where it all started to perform his first solo show in front of a hometown crowd at FrogFest.

Everything has come full circle for Mike Gossin. The New Hartford native has been waiting for the right time to step into the spotlight as a solo artist after members of the band Gloriana went their separate ways in 2016. And now is that time.

"I've been waiting to show what I can do for a long time. Being in Gloriana are some of the best memories I have, traveling around the world and playing in front of huge crowds. But this is something that's been on my bucket list."

Credit - Mike Gossin
Credit - Mike Gossin

Call From a Friend

Since the band days, Mike has been playing up and down the Carolina coast. One day he got a call from the audio engineer for Gloriana who want him to make a record. Since then he's been writing, recording, and producing.

"I took everything I soaked in from our Grammy award winning Producer when I was in Gloriana and poured it into this project. Almost everything you hear is from me which is a little bit scary but kinda cool at the same time."

Credit - Mike Gossin
Credit - Mike Gossin

Turning Dreams Into Reality

The past came back again when Mike got a call from Cheyenne Kimball, a former Gloriana bandmate and someone he hasn't spoken to in over a decade. That call came the day after he dreamt the two were performing on stage together.

"We talked for four hours, catching up. It was one of those goosebumps moments."

The dream has now become a reality. Mike and Cheyenne teamed up for Let's Ride, a song on Gossin's new EP.

Old & New Music

The full EP will be released sometime this summer but the FrogFest crowd will get to hear all the new music first on Saturday, June 17 at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds.

"Nobody has heard some of these songs and we're going to test them out. It'll be nice to see how everybody reacts to them. And there's no better place to do it than back home in front of my friends."

Don't worry. Mike plans on performing the familiar Gloriana favorites too.

That was a decade of playing those songs that were such a big part of my life history. I gotta do them live. It'll be a nice throwback.


It's been a few years since Mike has made it back home. However, like his solo career, everything happens at the right time. He'll perform before Russell Dickerson at FrogFest 34 and he can't wait!

It's such a cool time and such a fun day. Anytime my hometown throws an invite to come and play and hang out, I'm all about it. I'm really looking forward to this, it's going to be awesome. It's a big homecoming moment for me.

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Credit - Mike Gossin
Credit - Mike Gossin

FrogFest 34

See Mike Gossin perform his first solo show in front of a hometown crowd at FrogFest 34 on June 17, at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds, presented by Curtis Lumber.

Find everything you need to know about FrogFest 34 at Bigfrog104.com/Frogfest. For everything on Mike Gossin, follow him on Facebook or at Mikegossin.com.

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