One woman was shocked to drive by a baby sitting in the middle of a busy Central New York highway.

Regis Leigh was driving home on Newport/Butler Road in Newport, New York when she came across what she first thought was a small dog in the middle of the road. She didn't think much of it with all of the Amish animals in the area. But as Leigh got closer she saw it wasn't an animal at all.

I drive by and scream OMG it's a baby. She was just sitting there as content as can be on what normally is a very busy traveled road."

Leigh immediately turned her vehicle around to help save the small child, picking her up and carrying her out of the roadway. She took the child to the house the baby was in front of.

I’m waiting for a frantic mother to come running out the door, instead I got a very pokey lady who says “He was just watching her” — he as in the 3 year old little boy who walked out of the house 10 seconds before her.

Leigh handed the baby to the mother who said thank you a few times. Leigh has since contacted the appropriate authorities to report what happened.

Who allows a 3-year-old to watch a baby?

Watch the disturbing video Leigh shared on Facebook and thank God nothing more serious happened to this poor child and Leigh was at the right place and the right time.

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