New York is generally the pizza capital of the world, but we are also the capital of some of the worst pizza in America. We have 20 locations of the absolute worst across the state.

24/7 Wall St recently reported on the five pizza chains that everyone needs to avoid and New York has multiple locations.

24/7 Wall St. consulted pizza reviews on five different food blogs and websites. Because pizza preferences are so subjective, we only included pizza chains that were ranked near the bottom on multiple sites."

From those rankings, they were able to name the Top 5 Worst Pizza Chains in all of America.

Here's The Pizza Breakdown For New York State:

Dominos sits at the Number 5 mark for “lack of consistent quality” and “low-quality toppings”. Even after Dominos tried to improve its recipe, it still doesn’t live up to consumer’s expectations. There are currently 237 locations in New York State.

Papa Murphy’s sits at Number 4 on the list. People don't like the "inferior ingredients, and crust texture" of this chain. Luckily, there are no locations in New York State.

Little Caesars has a long-standing reputation for “HOT-N-READY” pizzas. However, they ranked Number 3 with the common complaint of "low-quality ingredients" in their food. In New York State, there are 68 locations.

CiCi’s came in at Number 2, with no more remaining locations in New York State.

Chuck E. Cheese ranked Number 1 as the worst pizza in America.

Common Criticisms: Unappetizing cheese, Toppings that lack quality, Cardboard-like crust, High prices"

In New York, there are still 20 locations left.

Do Some Math

New York State is home to 325 of the worst pizza locations in America.

New York State's Ultimate Pizza Trail With 62 Stops

We decided to have ChatGPT, the magic A.I. of the internet, pick one pizza place in every single county in New York State. We asked ChatGPT to create the ultimate road trip choosing places that were historic, well reviewed, and very popular. Let us know on our station app how ChatGPT did. Here's that list of 62:

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

Here's 7 New York State Pizza Shops That Were Declared The Very Best In America

Yelp updates its list of the Top 100 Pizza Spots in the United States every year. New York State didn't land Number One on the list, but we did get 7 different shoutouts. Here's a look at those 7 New York State pizzeria's that made the magical pizza list:

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

Who Got The Title Of Best Pizza For New York?

According to a recent Lovefood article, they went on the hunt for the best pizza places in America.

According to this article, the experts decided that the best pizza in all of New York State was Rubirosa, located in New York City:

This New York institution was opened by Aj Pappalardo, the son of the founder of iconic Joe & Pat's in Staten Island. It's home to the trademarked Tie Dye pizza, with pesto swirled on top of the tomato, mozzarella and vodka base. There are nine pizzas on the main menu, or you can build your own. Customers love the traditional vintage interior of the small restaurant, plus there is seating available outside on the patio."

Here's some photos from the restaurant:

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler


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