Today is the deadline to change your party affiliation in order to be eligible to vote in this summer's 2023 Primary Elections.

The deadline to change affiliation through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles was Monday. So, if you'd like to change affiliation, and have that change reflected in time so you are eligible to vote in the June primaries, you must do so in-person at your local board of elections office before the close of business hours today.

If you live in Oneida County, the BOE is located on the third floor of Utica's Union Station, at 321 Main Street. If you live in Herkimer County, you must visit their office located at 109 Mary Street in Herkimer. And, voters in Madison County can do so by visiting their BOE office at 138 North Court Street in the Village of Wampsville.

It is possible to change your party affiliation after today's date, however, you would not be eligible to cast a ballot in the June primary.

Also, if you do not wish to change parties and you are already a registered voter, you to do not need to do anything to be eligible.

Call or visit your local board of elections office if you have questions or are in need of more information.

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