Model train shows offer a unique blend of entertainment, education, and nostalgia for all ages. Utica New York's biggest show is back for 2024.

Model train shows can transport you to another world. They allow you to witness a miniature universe come to life with tiny trains, buildings, and landscapes. The attention to detail in these layouts is nothing short of mesmerizing, amazing, and truly offers a sense of wonder and imagination for both children and adults.

Many have fond memories of playing with toy trains as children or watching real trains go by. Model train shows connect the audience to their own past or even to the history of transportation. Whether it's steam locomotives, vintage passenger cars, or modern high-speed trains, these shows celebrate the rich history and tradition of railroading.

The annual train show sponsored by the Toy Train Collectors Society Ltd, is back for 2024. This show will once again meet at Utica’s historic Union Station on the third Sunday in January. The show will be held on January 21st 2024 9:30AM to 3:00PM. The show features over 40 vendors from all over New York state as well as other states, with over 100 tables of trains and train related items. There will be door prizes, included with admission, drawn several times during the event.

One cool feature for 2024 is that this show also has several operating displays inside the station. There is also a sick train clinic, where the doctor can assess and repair your trains free of charge (parts extra). The doctor can also test a potential or recent purchase.

We will see you at Union Station in Utica January of 2024!

11 Old Upstate Train Stations and Firehouses That Are Now Restaurants

The time comes in every small town in Upstate New York when they must look to giving up the ghost with their old train stations and firehouses. Time has passed these important places for the most part, and (in the case of the old firehouses), new, more modern ones must be built.

So, what to do with the old buildings?

Well, many communities have sold off their "old stock" of train depots and fire stations to private citizens who have breathed new life into the structures as modern, delicious, and very popular restaurants.

Here are some very old train depots and fire stations (some more than 150 years old), that
are now vital places in their communities, serving up delicious meals, a place for high-end cocktails, a venue for live entertainment, and more. And to the credit of almost each of these listed in this gallery, they have all managed to modernize these old buildings while leaving important nuances reflecting back on the DNA of their past, back to when the conductor used to holler "All Aboard" and to when the fire trucks barreled out the huge front doors answering the call in the neighborhood.

I think you will enjoy this list!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

A Fascinating Look at Some Upstate New York Train History!

The topic is trains. Across Upstate New York you will find old train depots, railroad cars that have been transformed for other modern purposes, and historic sites that take us back when railroad was king in the region. Here are t1 interesting footnotes to that history!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

WOW!! All Aboard! Look At The Transformation of These 12 Historic Upstate New York Train Stations

A century ago it seemed that every small town and village had a railroad coming through it and a train depot to welcome it. Today there are far fewer train depots still standing from the glory years of American railroad history. But there are some, and they have been transformed into everything from restaurants to museums. Here are 12 of the best.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio


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