For the second time in a month, an unsuspecting person meeting a stranger got a little more than what they bargained for. Dating apps are a popular method for those looking for love and companionship to meet new people. But once again, you have to really be careful who you're talking to online.

WNYT says the most recent victim was a man from Troy who was led into an alleyway by a woman he met at a dating site.

In January 2024, WNYT had reported that a 27-year-old woman and a 48-year-old man, both from Selkirk, were arrested for an alleged robbery, after police in Coeymans said the woman arranged to meet another man at a mobile home in the Flemings Trailer Park through a dating app.

Man In Capitol Region Allegedly Robbed After Dating App Meet Up Gone Wrong 

WNYT says that a man was allegedly robbed at  gunpoint after meeting a woman through a dating app. Troy Police said that the woman "coaxed the victim to an alleyway", where two men "threatened him at gunpoint when he arrived."

CBS says the alleged robbery happened Sunday night. WNYT says that officials from multiple agencies were able to identify a possible vehicle involved in the alleged robbery, and the three suspects were arrested Tuesday.

CBS says that the unlucky man was not hurt, and told law enforcement that he had been "conversing with a female on a popular dating app and the female suggested the victim meet him near an alleyway in the above area."

CBS says that a 24-year-old Troy woman, and two 18-year-old men also from Troy have been charged with numerous offenses.

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