Teens who disappeared from Oregon were found three weeks later in the Hudson Valley.

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Ties To Orange County, New York

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Police noted the teens had ties to Orange County, New York.


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Teens Found Then Go Missing Again

On Black Friday, police reported the teens were found safe. More information wasn't released. But the teens went missing again on Nov. 26.

"These two were located out-of-state on November 24th. While Penny was being transported by children's services she managed to escape their custody and is believed to be with Jonathan again. Again, they are likely out-of-state but please keep your eye out for them," the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office said in an updated press release.

Found In Warwick, New York

Google Maps
Google Maps

On Monday morning, Dec. 4, the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office confirmed Penny and Jonathan turned themselves into the Warwick Police Department in the Hudson Valley.

"The New York agency reports both Penny and Jonathan are safe and cooperating with investigators in that state. The Clatsop County Sheriff's Office is continuing its investigation into the allegations being made by the individuals in this case. This is an ongoing investigation with multiple agencies including," police said.

More information about how the teens went from Oregon to the Hudson Valley has yet to be released.

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