Four of the ten people charged in connection with the kidnapping and murder of an Upstate NY man have now been indicted by a grand jury.

The case dates back to May, when police say 33-year-old Thomas Rath was forcibly abducted from and area behind the Lowe's store in the city of Ithaca, NY. Locally, that area is known as 'the jungle' according to New York State Police.

Following an extensive search of multiple areas including the victim's home and many locations in the Ithaca area, Rath's body was found deceased, buried in a shallow grave in the town of Candor, NY - approximately 25 miles south of Ithaca.

photo of Thomas Rath, via New York State Police
photo of Thomas Rath, via New York State Police

NYSP officials arrested and charged nine people with Rath's kidnapping. They also arrested an charged 48-year-old Angelo Baez of Ithaca with kidnapping and murder.

Now charges against four of the nine who initially a single felony charge of kidnapping have been upgraded for several of the suspects after indictments were handed down by a Tioga County grand jury. The charges announced thus far as as follows:

Joseph M. Howell, Age 37, Newfield, NY

  • Murder in the first Degree,  class "A-I" felony
  • Murder in the second Degree, class "A-I" felony
  • Kidnapping in the first Degree, class "A-I" felony
  • Intimidating a Witness (3 Counts), class "E" felony

Colleen E. Dillon, age 31, Newfield, NY

  • Murder in the first Degree, class "A-I" felony
  • Murder in the second Degree, class "A-I" felony
  • Kidnapping in the first Degree, class "A-I" felony

Kysha S. Radcliff, age 39, Lansing, NY

  • Kidnapping in the first Degree, class "A-I" felony

Jonathan Glennon, age 31 of Ithaca, NY

  • Murder in the first degree, class "A-I" felony
  • Murder in the second degree, class “A-I” felony
  • Kidnapping in the first degree, class "A-I" felony

Thus far, possible charges against the other six suspects arrested in the investigation, including Baez, have not been announced.

State Police officials expect more information on the case will be released and said the investigation is continuing.

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