Albany, New York is no stranger to haunted happenings, but this street in the Capital Region is one of the most haunted in the entire area.

Who among us doesn't love a exploring the history of the area where we reside? It's also fun when some of that history goes and in hand with ghost stories. This is the case for this historic street in downtown Albany, NY.

Albany has its fair share of haunted stories. We've all heard about the watchman who still patrols the hallways of the Capitol Building, plus the Education Building is allegedly the home of an Italian man named Jason, who fell into a space where workers were pouring concrete and was never seen again. Even the governor's mansion has some alleged paranormal activity.

Not far from those locations is Eagle Street.

Eagle Street has some very historical significance as it was where the original "State Hall" was located  and that building is still in use to this day as the NYS court of appeals, according to Friends of Albany History.

Also on Eagle Street used to sit the sight of the old gallows. You may recognize that as where the Empire State Plaza is built.

BJ Ragone/TSM
BJ Ragone/TSM

There is one famous ghost in particular who is said to wander Eagle Street. He walks this street because it was the last walk he ever took. His name is Jesse Strang.

It is said that Strang murdered the husband of Elise Whipple at historic Cherry Hill. Elise Whipple was a Van Rensselaer. Strang and Elise were in an affair together and he thought he could take out the competition. Now, rumor is that Elise and Strange plotted this together, but Jesse would take all the blame for this and ultimately be hung for huis crime. Elise Whipple faced no punishment.

What is thought to be Jesse's spirit had been spotted several times in the Eagle Street Area near where the gallows once sat. While there hasn't been a sighting in numerous years, there's still some funky activity in this historic district.

I was invited to see if there was any paranormal activity inside of the new Albany War Room Tavern on Eagle Street as well as the Cigar Bar that sits next door. It is literally right next to the Empire State plaza.

While I cannot confirm that I had an encounter with a ghost, something strange did happen during that investigation and the cigar bar next door.

Perhaps the ghost of Jesse Strang was attempting to get inside, or the ghost of one of the many others who made their last walk down Eagle Street to the gallows.

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