Even the hardest Buffalo natives have been challenged by the brutal cold and multiple feet of snow that have left the city constantly blanketed. Since the first big snowfall of the season in late November, at least two of the city’s inhabitants have never felt more at home. Granted, they’re not originally from New York. Or human.

The Buffalo Zoo’s Arctic Edge exhibit has felt probably felt more like the Arctic in the last 30 days than it has over the course of its seven-year existence. Opened in September 2015, The Arctic Edge hosts bald eagles, arctic foxes, a Eurasian lynx, and two polar bears who have been loving this weather.

Luna Loves Snow

Luna the polar bear plays in the snow at the Buffalo Zoo
Buffalo Zoo

The Buffalo Zoo posted a video on TikTok and Facebook of Luna the polar bear playing in the feet of snow the city has gotten. Luna was born at the zoo in November 2012. In 2016, the zoo acquired Sakari from a zoo in Madison, Wisconsin. Both are the same age, born only a week apart, and are intended mates.

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Only 25 accredited zoos and aquariums in America have polar bears. There are less than 60 of the bears in the country, as captive breeding is typically difficult. While polar bears are not endangered, they are considered a vulnerable species.

How Have The Rest Of The Animals Been Handling The Blizzard?

It’s so much fun to see one of the largest bear in the world get so much joy out of the cold and snow. Keep in mind that Luna weighs more than 500 pounds – she can really move! Sakari wasn’t shown in the video, but he's more than double Luna's size at more than 1,000lbs.

Some other Buffalo Zoo inhabitants have been making the most of the winter weather: the bison have also been out and about.

The Buffalo Zoo is closed through December 29 due to the Christmas blizzard while staff take care of the animals and clean up the trails and habitats.

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