Judge Jeanine Pirro is out with a new book highlighting one of the biggest celebrity murder cases of the past thirty years, the Robert Durst case.

Pirro joined WIBX First News with Keeler this morning to talk about the case, her opinion of the justice system, immigration, and what she thinks of Donald Trump's comments on Syrian refugees.

Pirro says, "...Robert Durst is the classic example of how money and power in this country can buy justice from his perspective and not ours.  I've been a prosecutor, a judge, and a DA for thirty years. And in 1999 when I was a DA in Westchester I reopened the cold case of the missing wife of a very wealthy real estate heir, and I believed then that she wasn't missing, that she was dead, and that it was Robert Durst who did it.  So I began with that case and it was an odyssey for 15 years since then...If anyone saw 'The Jinx,' the HBO docudrama 'The Jinx,' that is the story of Robert Durst.  But I'm the one who reopened the case, and I'm the one who was blamed for his chopping up his neighbor in...Galveston, Texas.  And the half-wit jury down there believed it and acquitted him of the murder of a senior citizen.  But this guy was wealthy and his money bought him his version of justice, and that's the unfortunate conclusion of the book."

"...I think that we all have a preconceived notion of what a criminal looks like, and that     criminal is someone that we can put in central casting on a television show or in a movie...People need to get out of that mindset of what a criminal looks like."

Of the jury in the Durst case in Galveston she says, "Just recently as a year ago they said, 'Oh, I could understand (how he ran away from) Jeanine Pirro and chop up a body....Are you stupid?!...The book 'He Killed Them All' is really about that case and the criminal justice system.  You know we worry about color in criminal justice...but people need to worry about money, people with money, you know they get away with it because they have their own version of justice, and as a prosecutor my job was to level that playing field..."  Keeler suggests that her next book be titled "Ugly People are Always Guilty."

On the subject of Syrian refugees and Donald Trump's comments she says, "What we've got to do is we've got to know who's coming in...When this wife of the San Bernardino killer, Tashfeen Malik, a killer herself, she came in on a K1 visa and everybody said, 'Isn't that wonderful she's a fiancee,' well, that's a bunch of hogwash and the sooner people get this then the better, the safer they're gonna be...Just because she's a fiancee who said, 'I promise I won't be a terrorist,' we're just going to let her in.  Are we stupid?!"