If you’re not familiar with Jelly Roll yet, we’re sure you will be soon. 

Jelly Roll (real name Jason DeFord), a rapper out of Nashville, Tennessee, originally came into the spotlight collaborating with other southern rappers. Fast forward to 2022, and his latest solo single “Son of a Sinner” is climbing both the US rock and country charts.

You read that right - a rapper, rocker, and country crooner in one face-tattooed package. As if that wasn’t enough to put him on the map, a group of Buffalo Bills fans got to know him a little better this past Monday night. And, um…

Jelly Roll was spotted hanging out and meeting tailgating fans at the Buffalo Bills/Titans game. Is he a Bills fan? Does he have friends on the team? We’re not sure - but based on this video, he probably had a pretty good time.

*Be careful where you watch this - this video is NSFW due to some colorful language and, uh, cloudiness. Yeah. That’s what it is.*

Besides showing him some shotgun Western New York hospitality, excited Bills fans were eager to suggest to Jelly Roll what he should have to eat while in the Buffalo area.

“Wings and pizza, baby!”

It’s a safe bet that Jelly Roll appreciated the input because I’m sure he was craving some pizza and wings shortly after the camera stopped rolling. Just a hunch.

This isn’t Jelly Roll’s first trip to Western New York. He performed a sold-out show at Towne Ballroom back in March, and clearly, had enough fun there to come back to hang a second time.

Come back again soon, Jelly Roll!

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