Village of New York Mills, NY (WIBX) - The man who stands accused of the 2007 murder of 29-year-old Jennifer R. Bennett made his first court appearance today. The suspect, 30-year-old Craig C. Ingersoll of Herkimer Road in Utica was in New York Mills Court this afternoon, to waive his felony hearing.

Laurie Lisi, is the Oneida County Assistant District Attorney prosecuting this case. She says Ingersoll's case will more than likely be heard by a grand jury within the next month. "Well, he waived his felony exam and what that means is this case is now, no longer, the Village of New York Mills no longer has jurisdiction. Jurisdiction will lie in, well it's transferred over there for possible presentment to the grand jury and obvioulsy the next step will be presenting the case to the grand jury in Oneida County Court," she said.

The charges against Ingersoll were also amended to reflect that the crime was committed in the Town of Deerfield instead of New York Mills. Last week, Investigators with the Oneida County Sheriff's Office officially charged Ingersoll with 2nd degree murder and sexual assault, after receiving a hit from the state DNA database in September of 2011. The perfect DNA match led them to the suspect, who was already serving time in Oneida County Jail on several unrelated charges.